Drennan Wide Gape Carp Barbless Size 10 To 7lb (8 Rigs Per Pack)

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An extra-wide gape definitely helps hook more fish, especially as baits tend to sit down nicely in the flat, slightly square shaped bend. This hook has a short shank which can be largely hidden within the bait. The extra-wide gape of this hook pattern holds all big soft baits such as meat extremely well.

Drennan HTN Barbless Wide Gape Carp. 8 barbless hooks tied to 20cm of extra strong, low diameter mono. Available in sizes 10 to 18. Size 10 - With its extra wide gape this size 10 is the perfect hook for big soft baits like meat and paste.

Produced in 0.60mm guage high carbon steel wire, it is heavily forged for extra strength.

Size 12 - An extra wide gape definitely helps to hook more fish, especially as baits tend to sit down nicely in the flit, slightly square shaped bend of this size 12. ideal for single or double pellet, sweetcorn, meat & paste.

Size 14 - Size 14 is an ideal hook for cubes of meat, 8mm expander pellets, corn etc. The short shank can be largely hidden inside the bait and the extra wide gape holds all big soft baits extremely well.

Size 16 - Size 16 is the ideal size and shape for fishing a single 4mm or 6mm pellet and for bagging up on Carp. The 0.45mm forged wire is very strong and the curved point can be expected to last the whole session.

Size 18 - With its wide gape and short shank you can bury this size 18 inside tiny pellets or grains of sweetcorn. So if you need to fish a reasonably small but strong hook this is an excellent size and pattern.