Thinking Anglers Tungskin Hooklength

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Breaking Strain

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Worlds first ever Tungsten skinned hooklength, With lots of different skinned hooklength's around we really wanted one ourselves for Thinking Anglers but we knew we needed something a bit different and when we first spoke about it we both agreed we wanted a heavy in weight skin, hence the tungsten technology and then bang the idea was born. Now the first colour was agreed on was being dark and running with the tungsten colour theme maybe a tad darker!

Once we had received the first sample we knew this was going to be a good product and once we both had a good play with knots, straightening and strength test's etc it was then given a very good testing on the bank, we both loved it and have had really good results whilst stalking some big carp in the edge..

In the water other hooklength’s are just heavier than neutral density, meaning it’s not buoyant and will sink given you poke it about and remove any tendency for surface tension to hold it, but the TUNGSKIN hooklength sinks far more convincingly.

Available in: 15lb, 25lb & 35lb all in Dark Grey