Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Coated Braid

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Breaking Strain

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Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies we’ve been able to add tungsten granules into the coating of the Dark Matter Coated Braid. This ensures the hook link sinks quickly and remains pinned down on the lake bed. Dark Matter Coated Braid has a semi-stiffness and is perfect to create a variety of modern rigs. During the intensive testing period consultants have been using it in the most demanding situations and caught fish of near record sizes whilst having complete confidence in their hook link.

Dark Matter Coated Braid will be available in 18lb and 25lb breaking strains in a Weedy Green or Gravel Brown version. The 10m spools have a new square design which helps store them neatly in tackle boxes.

  • Super Heavy tungsten braid
  • Available in Weed Green and Gravel Brown
  • Semi-Stiff properties
  • Ideal for making a host of rigs