Trakker Reax Base Layer

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Designed to be worn as part of a layered clothing arrangement for warmth and comfort during winter angling sessions, the Trakker Reax Base Layer pairs well with the practical appeal of the Trakker Two Piece Undersuit giving you a comprehensive, consistent style that will appeal to any social media conscious angler, and leads the pack when it comes to bankside style, giving you a look you can be proud of, and that will create a striking first impression on any venue.

Comprising of a half zip top and elasticated waist bottoms, this base layer is cut in a Raglan style, which gives a comfortable, unstructured fit, allowing full freedom of movement without chafing, a fact which recommends it for long hours spent by the bank, enjoying an active extended session.

Made form durable, comfortable polyester, and available in sizes M-XXL, this base layer makes a good choice for any keen carper, ensuring you’re warm enough, and comfortable enough to make the most of every winter angling opportunity.