ESP Super Floss

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With its wide, flat profile, this Super Floss from ESP offers a secure grip, without cutting in to your bait.  Perfect for pop ups, the floss even works when bait is slightly swollen,which often happens with pierced baits on hair rigs, giving you an all-round functionality that active anglers will certainly appreciate.

Giving you an extra strong way to mount your bait, and achieve the perfect presentation, this 50m spool of waxed, unscented floss is ideal for carp fishing, and a handy addition to any tackle box.

If you regularly use pop ups in your angling, then you’ll want to get your hands on the performance enhancement offered by this ESP bait floss.

  • Wide, flat profile
  • Provides secure grip without cutting in
  • Extra strong
  • Waxed
  • Spool Size: 50m
  • Unscented