ESP Spotlight Headtorch

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A small, light and comfortable head torch perfect for rig tying and cooking with either the twin red LEDs or low power white LED. The full power main beam gives a strong spot light making it ideal for landing fish, wrapping up and casting. Also has a built in time delay so after 10 seconds on any mode a single press of the button will turn the torch off.

Come with elasticated headband, angle tilt adjustment and three light functions.
Weighs just 60g and comes supplied with 2 x AAA Duracell batteries.

Pressing the button goes through the different lighting functions:
1 Button Click - 2 Red LEDs
2 Button Clicks - Low Power White LED (35 Lumens)
3 Button Clicks - High Power White LED (100 Lumens with 80m range)

Battery life 4 - 10 hours depending on light setting.