Korda Solidz Tail Rubber

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These can be used in a standard in-line or even with drop-off style. The bore is perfectly designed to allow it to be used with tubing, lead core or directly on the mainline. With an extra-long, slim finish that has been designed for use with their Solidz PVA and inline leads. Once filled, it can be moistened and twisted around it, securing it in place for even the longest casts. The material is stiff enough to allow the PVA to be tightly wrapped around it, without distortion whilst being soft enough to prevent damage to the fish gripping the in-line insert.

  • Special longer end
  • Longer stem was designed to allow you to lick, stick and twist the container to it
  • Creates a perfectly strong seal
  • Ten per pack
  • Suitable for use with lead core, tubing or straight on mainline