Solar Tackle South Westerly Bullet Proof Mono Trans Olive 1000m

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Breaking Strain

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The X-Tuff construction makes it best in class when handling the most savage obstacles a lakebed can throw up, from razor sharp, stony bars to mussel-clad weed. Using Bulletproof will boost any angler’s confidence when landing fish and will remove that doubt that can be present with other lines.

The Bulletproof construction includes a slick finish that lowers wear and tear and slows UV degradation, while the inner construction increases suppleness and it sinks, fast! 1000m spool.

  • High power mono for use in harsh environments with heavy weed and rocky bars
  • Super Durable, extreme abrasion & reliability
  • Deceptive Matt coating renders the line virtually invisible to wary fish
  • Ultrasink Compound means the line sinks, fast!
  • X-Tuff Coating means the line has unrivalled abrasion resistance
  • UV Deflect provides UV resistance to prolong the line’s life and reduce wear