Solar Lock & Load Indicator Kit

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Complete Solar indicator kit comprising our new Lock & Load indicator heads. These heads are unmistakably Solar, with subtle engraved Solar branding, these heads are precision machined in the UK from high-grade stainless steel.
Each head comes complete with 5, internal drag weights, each weighing 1g. Cleverly housed within the indicator head itself, you can add / remove these weights as needed to adjust its weight to fit your preference or changing fishing situations. Supplied
with our time-served, micro-adjustable line clip and with an isotope slot in the
side as well.
The Lock & Load heads have interchangeable end caps on the top and bottom Lock & Load heads have interchangeable end caps on the top and bottom.

Separate end caps in stainless steel, PTFE, black, red, green, Nite-Glo and blue allow you to change the top cap, bottom cap, or both to customise each head. (Spare end caps available separately). Each head comes complete with our 5-inch black chain and black anodised aluminium hockey stick.

  • Compatible with all Solar indicator accessories, past and present, as well as many others.
  • Building on 20+ years of indicator design
  • Made in the UK
  • Lock & Load heads are cleverly designed with 5, internal drag weights (supplied)
  • Time-served, micro-adjustable line clip
  • Black, 5-inch chain
  • Black anodised aluminium hockey stick
  • Solar logo engraved
  • Isotope slot
  • Interchangeable end caps (top and bottom) for customisation