Korda Black Singlez Upright

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The unique Singlez system has been a huge success since its launch, and now Korda bring you the new Black version.

The originals are made from stainless steel, and although incredibly sturdy, they are quite heavy, so if you are looking for something lighter weight, then the new Black ones are the perfect choice as they are made from aluminium, plus they really look the part.

This top quality product is manufactured in the UK, for Korda by JAG, using precision CNC machining, where the tooling is controlled by computers to ensure that each component is perfectly made.

These Super-Light Singlez are solid billet machined – meaning that each part is made from a solid block of aluminium – with a super-hard anodised finish, which not only is extremely durable, but also has a classy non-glare satin black finish.

Not only are all the components very light, but they are also strong and built to last for many years, with the buzz bars having a flat underside with a ‘D’ cross-section for added strength, when compared to a tubular one.

The only parts that aren’t made from aluminium are the points on the ground spikes and the stabiliser, which are stainless steel for extra durability.

The uprights come in a choice of different lengths and can easily be adjusted via a knurled locking collar, and the inner of the upright is also anodised black.