Korda Singlez Bag

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This bag has been designed for those who want to keep their Singlez system – either the original stainless or lightweight Black versions – in perfect condition and ensure that no pieces are mislaid in-between sessions. This durable bag features a carrying handle and a double zip for easy access, and it comes in a choice of green or black. The interior has quilted padding and specially designed sleeves and compartments for every component of the Singlez, including a central padded divider. The sleeves have been designed so that they will fit any length of upright, including your bite alarm or rear rod rest. Plus, there are separate sleeves for spikes. The over side of the bag has zipped compartments to hold the buzz bars, and items such as stage stands and stabilisers. It has been designed for use with both the two-rod and three-rod versions of the Singlez.