Korda Black Singlez 3 Rod Buzz Bars

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Set to become a modern legend, the Singlez range brings passion, expertise, design ability and  craftsmanship from two bold brands known for high-quality performance together in one flawless product that should be top of every angler's wishlist.

Expertly machined from lightweight aluminium, the Korda Black Singlez 3 Rod Buzzbar is the perfect bankside accessory for the committed carp enthusiast, and is the result of over half a decade of collaboration between two big-hitting brands – Korda, and JAG.

There are four distinct styles of buzzbar in this high-quality range, designed and built to last a lifetime, so you can create an angling set up that's as distinctive as you are. Simply mix and match your buzz bars for a striking display or choose matching buzz bars for a seamless waterfront presentation.  Angling has never been so flexible, nor has there ever been a piece of bankware that has been designed and crafted to such high standards.

Whether you're looking to stand out on a crowded commercial, or blend in on a quiet rural bank, these buzz bars are all about you, your angling, and your personality.

 What Discipline Is It For?

 This is a quality piece of carp angling bankware that would also be a valuable addition to the tackle kit of any specialist angler.

 Why Should I Buy It?

 The perfect range of bankware, the whole Korda Black Singlez range is designed and engineered to last a lifetime; when you buy items from this range, you're buying the last rod support you'll ever need.

 What's The Best Thing About It?

The JAG engineering sets this bankware apart from all others on the market, and makes it perfect for the most active anglers, and the most rugged bankside terrain. If you're looking for durable quality and exemplary performance, then the Korda Black Singlez range is the only bankware you'll ever need.