Shimano Yasei Jerkbait Cork Cast 1.98m Casting Weight 45-100g

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Casting rod Shimano Yasei Jerkbait Cork 45-100g

The Yasei Jerkbait 198H is the ultimate rod for stalking pike with Jerkbaits. The handle fits perfectly under your armpit and acts as a lever for powerful strikes while remaining short enough to handle jerkbaits. At 198cm, you have the perfect length to cast far and control your lure. With a range of use from 40 to 100 grams, it is the ideal rod for fishing from the shore as well as from the boat with medium to big lures. Because the rod is not too stiff, even medium-sized pike will give you a great feeling. The Yasei Jerkbait 198H is the ultimate rod for jerkbait fishing, but it's also perfect for trolling or animating crankbaits. This is what we call a versatile rod!