Delkim RX-D Receiver

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  • Digital radio
  • Pulse &visual replication (Patented)
  • Multiple range settings
  • Easy pairing
  • RunLite mode
  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Advanced security (Patented)
  • Adjustable vibro mode
  • Recall last activity
  • Power on indicator
  • Enhanced power saving
  • Lanyard and attachments

The Delkim Rx-D receiver has also undergone a redesign and includes several new features, one of the more revolutionary new features is Do Not Disturb (DND). Picture this, you’re sat on the bank in your bivvy, and you notice a storm rolling in, normally you would quickly run to your alarms and readjust your sensitivity to allow for your line bouncing due to surface disturbance but with the new DND system there is no need to do that, you don’t even need to leave your bivvy. Initiate DND mode on the receiver and your alarms will no longer indicate small knocks but will only activate after around four seconds of line movement, meaning only clear runs will set off your alarms. Once the storm is over just disengage the DND system or allow the Rx-D to do it for you, the system automatically turns off after fifteen minutes. Alternatively, lock DND on for the whole night and you will only be awoken in the case of a full-blown run.

A further night-time feature is Run Light, if you are lucky enough to get a run during the night, all seven LEDs on the receiver interface will light up, acting as emergency lighting inside your bivvy, giving you just enough light to get your shoes on and get out on the bank.

In terms on range, the Rx-D provides 750m in a clear line of sight, you might think this is over the top but it allows for the penetration of foliage and other bankside barriers you might encounter in your swim.

There are also several different range options which either increase or decrease battery life. The first of which is short-range, working up to 50m, maximising your battery life for those situations when you’re sat in your bivvy just a stones thrown from your rods.

The Delkim TXI D features a boost mode is a further setting giving you and extra 15-20% range for fifteen minutes, allowing you to go and assist a fellow angler in a nearby swim or pop back to the car.

The TXI-Ds also feature an anti-theft system, which works via an IMU movement detector which can be set to identify any movement in the alarm including your line being cut, alerting your Rx-D.

The alarms and receiver are supplied with moulded hard cases, a receiver lanyard and belt clip.