Korda Rig Rings

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Korda Rig Rings are a cross breed of the best parts of modern day metal technologies. The silky smooth Teflon coating enhances the effectiveness of rigs incorporating a ring especially when coupled with Korda Hybrid Teflon coated hooks.

Korda rig rings have been specially designed to help the angler create a variety of different rigs for the ever changing demands required to catch carp today. Available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes and finished in black to aid concealment, ideal when combined with the Hybrid range of Teflon coated hooks, the presentation's are endless.

These smooth rings are finished with a PTFE coating, which not only makes them non-reflective, but also helps them to slide more freely. They are available in a range of different sizes – X-small, Small, Medium, and Large – as well as an Oval Rig Ring version, so that they can be used in conjunction with any size of hook in our range.

They come in packs of 20.