ESP PVA Mesh Kit

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Available in 20mm, 25mm or 32mm diameters, all bait size and feed options are covered. Each kit includes 6m of mesh, a loading tube and plunger (20mm & 25mm) or funnel (32mm).

The 20mm & 25mm PVA kits are ideal for producing Dynamite Sticks and include a plunger, while the 32mm size is designed for making up less compacted, rounded bags of bait, and is therefore supplied with a flexible moulded funnel which fits securely in place over the top of the loading tube.

The loading tube has a slightly flared top to make filling easier and is moulded in a tough, durable polymer.

The plungers have a rubberoid handle for comfort and are graded in 25mm divisions to help produce uniform size packages and sticks up to 15cm (6") in length.

All the mesh kit components are supplied in convenient waterproof containers.