Korda Pop Up Dumbell 8mm

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These pop up dumbells come in three different sizes to suit your baiting situation and the dumbells will pop up the weight of the hook, making your rig instantly more effective. There is an 8mm version that replicates small pellets, as well as 12mm and 16mm versions when larger hook baits are required. All come with free hair stops that pull up inside the bait so the hair cannot be seen from above, a trick taken from some of the best plastic users in the country.

Pack sizes: 
8mm - 10pcs
12mm - 8pcs
16mm - 5pcs

  • Pop up dumbells
  • Supplied with innovative hair stops
  • IB Yellow: is a legendary blend of different fruit flavours
  • Fishy Fish: Designed for fishing over trout pellets
  • Fruity Squid: A firm favourite with carp all over the world
  • Banoffee: White in colour. Caught huge fish all over Europe