Thinking Anglers Out-Turned Eye Micro Barbed Hooks

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The wickedly sharp and extremely strong Out-Turned Eye hooks are primarily intended for use with stiff monofilaments and fluorocarbon materials popular for pop-up sections on Hinged and Chod style rigs. Additionally, they have a multitude of uses for bottom bait and D-rig presentations.

The 15° angled OE is perfect for these tricky materials as it allows the hook to sit at a naturally aggressive and efficient angle, that doesn’t impact the hook’s gape. The eye diameter and angle also helps to maintain the perfect alignment between the hooklink material and the hook point – that means that the hook is easier to fine tune with rigs tied with these hooklink materials.

The combination of our slippery PTFE coating, OE, lovely long tapered durable point and the right length hook shank all comes together to ensure that the initial pricking and penetration of this hook pattern is impeccable, bedding down quickly and securely – and staying there… 

These hooks are forged from a super-strong, extra-heavy gauge wire, and were thoroughly tried and tested by us for 2 years under extremely rigorous conditions prior to their public release.

The Out-Turned Eye micro-barbed hooks are available in packs of 10 in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Key features/specifications:

  • PTFE Coating for optimum penetration
  • Super strong double tempered extra heavy gauge high carbon steel
  • Super sharp, long straight points
  • 15° out-turned eye
  • Micro-Barbed (Also available in Barbless).
  • Available in intermediary sizes for fine tuning of presentations
  • Packs of 10