CC Moore Oily Bag Mix 1KG

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This outstanding PVA bag mix has been designed by some of the most successful day ticket anglers in Carp angling. It contains a carefully selected blend of powerful fish-attracting products that pack a multitude of different feeding stimulants into every PVA bag you cast out, constantly pulling fish into your baited area.

Supplying very high quality antioxidants, fish proteins/amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and omega fish oils, Oily Bag Mix also contains pure Salmon Micro Feed and Antarctic Krill Meal that will be released to form a fine natural particle cloud in your swim, encouraging fish to drop down and feed on your bag mix – a deadly tactic

Oily Bag Mix Properties:

  • High protein content & quality; great for year-round use 
  • Soluble attractors stimulate feeding in all temperatures
  • Oil content ensures attractor leakage through all layers
  • Different ingredients break down at different speeds for constant attraction
  • Powders/meals form a natural particle cloud around your bait
  • Contains 1-2mm meals/pellets; Betaine, Halibut, Trout, Krill Pellets etc
  • Contains Salmon Micro Feed and Pure Krill Meal
  • Easily boosted by the addition of liquid foods
  • Great for making ‘compressed distance bags’
  • Can be adapted for warm or cold-water use. See ‘Tip’ below

Usage Tip:

Summer/Autumn: A blend of oil-based and soluble liquids added to Oily Bag mix will give you the best response in warm water. We recommend 30+ml/kg Liquid Crab Compound, Liquid Tuna Compound or Whole Krill Compound. 

Winter/Spring: Just a 20mm diameter PVA bag of Oily Bag Mix may be enough in cold water. Lace the mix with Feedstim XP liquid before using it. This gives it maximum solubility in even the most icy-cold water.