Nash Scopex Squid Smoking Stick Mix

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The Nash Scopex Squid Smoking Stick Mix is the latest addition to the Nash Bait range and is a smoking stick mix filling combining a Nashbaits Squid Extract, Red Liver Oil and the world famous Scopex No.1 that will bring a feeding response from carp when all other fishing baits fail.

A ground breaking step forwards in active attraction from Nash, this groundbait gently smokes, breaking up the stick mix and releasing food particles through the water column to draw carp to the hookbait using sight, sound, smell and taste

Containing the same Scopex Squid flavour package, aminos, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals as the skin on the highly attractive Nash Culture Hookbaits, this moist, ultra fine Smoking Stick Mix compresses straight from the bag without the need of additional liquids

Supplied in 200 gram tubs, for best results in your carp fishing adventures use with either the Nash Scopex Squid Cult Coated Hookbaits or Nash Scopex Squid Coated Pop Ups.