Nash Monster Shrimp White Pop Ups 15mm

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The Nash Monster Shrimp Pop Ups White 75g are the latest addition to the Nash Bait range and are extra buoyant needle friendly pop ups with elevated levels of Crab, Lobster Oil and Nashbaits Salted Shrimp Paste. Designed to keep Ronnie Rigs, Chods and Stiff Rigs presented effectively for 24-48 hours.

These carp pop-ups in the Nash Monster Shrimp range are a high viz white colour and have been designed to create a stand out hookbait especially when used in conjunction with the Nash Monster Shrimp Boilies. The pop-ups are very buoyant and are durable enough to withstand the attraction of any unwanted nuisance fish.

When fishing with these pop ups, a great tip is to trim these pop-ups into different shapes other than the round shape these baits are supplied as. This can help fool pressured carp as the fish will not be familiar with a new shape of bait and can help give an angler a real edge on their chosen venue. There is no need to worry about the buoyancy of the trimmed bait as these pop-ups are ultra buoyant and will not lose their buoyancy.

To create an even more attractive hookbait then add another edge is to add bait liquids and additives such as the corresponding Nash Monster Shrimp Cloud Liquid 100ml or Nash Monster Shrimp Hookbait Spray 50ml