Guru Mini Pellet Feeder 24g

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The Hybrid Pellet Feeders are based on the same technology as the popular Hybrid feeders, making the Mini Pellet feeder virtually indestructible. The Hybrid Pellet feeders feature a compact design with the weight built into the body of the feeder, enhancing casting accuracy and bait presentation.

Featuring a durable camo paint finish for decreased feeder visibility on any commercial or natural venue. The flared feeder design allows for easy loading and quick release of bait. The slots in the top of the feeder and holes in the base have been designed to offer optimum bait presentation. 

The Hybrid Pellet Feeders can be used in-line or with the X-Safe system, adding even more versatility to the feeder.  

Available in four different sizes to cover a wide array of fishing situations, distances and venues; Mini 24g, Small 30g, Medium 35g and Large 40g.