Drennan Method Bandits Rigs Barbless Carp Feeder 3.5" (QTY 8)

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Drennan Method Bandits are convenient, pre-tied hooklengths complete with hair-rigged latex bait bands and perfect for the Method feeder. Carp Feeder Method Bandits are matched to Carp Feeder hooks in sizes 8 to 16.

Each hooklength is 90mm long, which we believe is the optimum length for an effective Method feeder or pellet feeder setup. The hair-rigged latex band can be used to mount a number of hook baits. It can be stretched around a hard pellet or dumbell boilie with the help of a Drennan Band Stretcher.

Alternatively, it can be pulled inside a soft pellet, drilled boilie or cube of meat with the help of a Drennan Pellet Band Puller.

 Eight hooks per packet.

  • Size 8 to 8lb (0.22mm)
  • Size 10 to 8lb (0.22mm)
  • Size 12 to 7lb (0.20mm)
  • Size 14 to 7lb (0.20mm)
  • Size 16 to 7lb (0.20mm)