Matrix Foam Pellet Waggler

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Matrix Foam Pellet Wagglers, designed for distance and accuracy and perfected in collaboration with leading consultant Jamie Hughes. A design that's ideal for fishing up in the water with minimum disturbance, ideal for mugging wary cruising carp. Manufactured from an extremely buoyant high density foam and with an internal stem that runs through the entire body. With a large flexible link between the base of the float and the weight allowing them to collapse of casting and striking.


  • Ideal for fishing very shallow with minimal disturbance
  • Perfect when fishing for wary fish or mugging cruising fish
  • Made from high-density extremely buoyant foam
  • 9mm slim body improves flight accuracy
  • Flighted cap to minimise wobble during casting
  • Internal stem runs the full body length to increase strength
  • Removable zinc base weight with large link
  • Large link on the weight allows the waggler fold flat during the cast
  • Available in 3g, 4g, 5g, and 6g