CC Moore Live System Bait Booster

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Live System contains high quality proteins, yeasts, bird foods, cream powders, CSL Powder and other easily digested ingredients, Live System releases powerful, water-soluble appetite stimulants in all water temperatures. 

This Bait Booster incorporates the powerful attractors used in Live System Boilies and is designed for boosting the attraction of boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds, particularly when used in conjunction with Live System Boilies.

Live System Bait Booster Properties:

  • Highly soluble and digestible even in cold water
  • Powerful, salty, long-lasting natural taste
  • Low in oil, disperses quickly through the water column
  • Strong, distinctive, highly attractive savoury aroma
  • Rich in amino acids derived from high quality soluble proteins
  • Contains natural sugars, yeast and vegetable extracts
  • PVA friendly – superb on bag/stick mixes and pellets