Leeda 2XL Aluminium Extending Handle 2m

SKU: SF1294
Regular price £13.99

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The Leeda 2XL Aluminium Extending Handle has been designed to be lightweight strong and extendable, whilst offering excellent value for money. Whether you are a just starting your fishing adventure or a seasoned angler, this landing net handle is a great addition to your fishing tackle.

This landing net handle is constructed from aluminium which makes it incredibly lightweight, but still with enough strength to land even the largest of fish with ease. Leeda have made the landing net handle 2m in length, which is the optimum length to be used with a range of fishing rods. With this length, this landing net handle is perfect for a range of disciplines. This landing net handle is also extendable and has a compact packdown making it easy to carry in your luggage. This landing net handle features a twist lock to secure the handle at full length, so you don’t have to worry about the landing net handle retracting when you are landing that next PB.