Kumu Stickerbomb Pack 4 - (20 Stickers)

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KUMU Sticker Bomb Pack 4 is a set of stickers from the renowned KUMU brand. This unique collection combines fresh and trendy designs from our latest and upcoming projects. The set consists of 20 varied designs that will add personality and character to any item they adorn.

Each sticker from the KUMU Sticker Bomb set is made of the highest quality, weather-resistant vinyl. Thus, each sticker is very durable. An additional advantage is the strong adhesive used in the production of the stickers. It provides excellent adhesion to many surfaces, making the stickers perfect for personalizing items such as fishing buckets or Tacklebox containers.

Product specification:

  • Set of KUMU brand stickers
  • The set consists of 20 unique designs
  • Stickers feature graphics from the latest and upcoming KUMU collections
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant vinyl
  • Have a strong adhesive, guaranteeing excellent adhesion to many surfaces
  • Ideal for personalizing fishing buckets, Tacklebox accessory boxes, and many other items

Packaging: 20pcs