Korum Speci Square Net 26"

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Korums slogan is Fishing Tackle Made Easy, the brand aims to produce high-quality tackle for the pleasure angler and appreciates that fishing is meant to be an enjoyable pastime. Korum strive to improve your angling experience through the production of tackle that is easy to use, practical, and good value for money, the brand new Speci Square Landing Net ticks all those boxes.Typically, landing net profiles are either rounded, triangular or spoon like, however, Korum have reimagined landing net shape and opted to introduce a square shaped net to the market. The brands research suggests a square shaped net with bevelled edges provides safer short-term housing of specimen fish during that short period when you set up your mat or cradle and prepare your camera equipment in order to document your catch.The frame itself is a super-strong anodised aluminium frame, the square shape ensures the frame holds its power more so than a rounded equivalent and the reinforced spreader block fitted with a crossbar further strengthens the net ensuring it holds its shape.The net mesh is new and more fish-friendly than before due to Korum utilising a softer material during construction. The main adjustment to the net is its depth, which Korum believes contributes significantly to how safely fish can be confined to the Speci Square Net.Located at the base of the net mesh is a retainer tag which helps when moving the net between swims or just from the bank to your carp cradle, minimising the risk of snagging your net on low lying foliage and subsequently further protecting your latest catch.The Korum Speci Square Net is available in three sizes, 22, 26 and 30, allowing you to tailor your approach depending on the size of your target species.