Korum Any Chair Telescopic Feeder Arm

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Really handy if you’re struggling to drive banksticks into harder ground, as well as tackling commercial venues with wooden platforms. This retractable option attaches directly to your chair leg and extends to give you the support you need. Great for positioning rods at multiple angles, these can even be used high in the air style on running water venues.


  • Strong clamp system
  • Handwheel angle lock
  • Extendable bankstick (can be used separately)
  • Compatible with other brands chair systems
  • Directly fits the X25 & S25 Korum chair systems


  • Supplied with the following inserts
  • 23mm round
  • 25mm round
  • 23mm square
  • Length: 61cm | Width: 18cm | Depth: 12mm