Korda Slip-D Braid 25lb 20m

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The Slip-D Rig needs no introduction as it is used by some of the most successful carp anglers on the planet, including many within the Korda stable.

A pre-cursor to tying this rig is finding the right braid to construct the Slip-D. In many cases the braid is too supple which causes the soft combi section to flick back towards the stiff boom and either tangling or not allowing the hookbait to sit perfect. If the braid is too stiff, the section loses its finesse and hooking potential can be compromised.

This Slip-D Braid sit perfectly in between the two; supple enough to give the combi section some anti-tangle properties but also soft enough to allow the rig to do its thing perfectly. Making this Slip-D Braid the perfect choice for constructing the loop section on a combi-multi rig.

Comes in a subtle camouflage colour in 25lb with 20m on each spool. The spool comes with an easy to spot name tag and fits perfectly into your Korda Tackle Box alongside many of the current range of Korda terminal bits.