Korda Long Chuck Clear Line 1000m

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Breaking Strain

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Brand new Long Chuck mainline from Korda has been specifically designed for long range fishing. This line has a high breaking strain to diameter ratio which significantly reduces drag in the air, enabling you to cast further.

The line also boasts a low amount of stretch, which means you can compress the rod quicker during the cast. The Long Chuck main line also has a low water absorption rate which helps to ensure the line is as light in the air as possible, meaning it will create less drag and will cast further. The low water absorption rate combined with the low stretch also helps when feeling the lead down at long range or in a cross wind.

If you're planning on fishing out in the deep water on your next session, respool with Korda Long Chunk and see the improvements in your casting. 

  • Designed specifically for fishing at long range
  • Ultra-low stretch
  • Very low water absorption
  • Clear mono line
  • High breaking strain to diameter ratio
  • 1000m spools