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Danny Fairbrass designed the Klor hook pattern to be an aggressive, strong, fast-turning hook with a brilliant hooking potential on a variety of rigs and to be able to withstand extreme conditions when fishing for big carp.

Klor has an aggressive shape (even more so than the Kurv Shank hook), with the point aligned with the eye, which makes it easy to turn quickly and grab a carp by the mouth. Due to the sweeping shank and in-turned eye, the hook can also be used without a kicker or shrink tube and is suitable for use with braid, coated hooklinks, and the combi rig.

The long, ultra-sharp and slightly in-turned beak of this Korda hook provides the most secure hook hold possible. Furthermore, it is less likely to be damaged by nuisance species, such as crayfish and small fish, which move it around on the bottom, especially when fishing over gravel.

Sizes: 2, 4, 6 and 8
Available: Barbed or Barbless
Quantity: 10 per pack