Korda Heavy Latch Stik Needle 12cm

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Korda agrees that baiting tools are an important part of any carp anglers kit. Although some people are happy to use one needle for everything, it can be handy to have just the right tool for the job, making bait preparation quicker, easier and neater.

The Korda Heavy Latch Stik Needle is perfect for pulling hooklinks through sticks or making stringers. It is only 12cm in size and can be identified from your tackle box by its bright red handle.

Korda has produced all of this range of needles in mega bright colours to minimise the chance of misplacing them. This will help in scenarios where you quickly thread boilies or particles onto your hair, flicked the needle onto the grass as the handle stands out on all terrain.

The range of Korda Needles includes long stem, short stem, thick needle, thin needle, latch, or no latch, so there will be a needle to suit every circumstance.