Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline

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Breaking Strain

Korda Kontour is a multifaceted mainline, providing low stretch, sinking properties and near invisibility. Kontour is a fluorocarbon and sinks up to three times quicker than an equivalent monofilament meaning your line will bow less on the waters surface after cast and prevents you having to use back lift.

Korda Kontour refracts light in the same way water does meaning its near invisible cutting through the water, ensuring your fishing is as low key as possible.

The low stretch properties of fluorocarbon make feeling your lead down easier and almost guarantees that you will know what sort of lakebed you’re fishing on. Being fluorocarbon, the line will not take on water, thus preserving the low stretch properties of your line. Kontour is highly abrasion-resistant and with it now available in 12lb, 15lb and 18lb line, it just got even stronger.

Despite its strength, Kontour is a soft line, allowing it to peel from your spool with minimal friction. Korda Kontour is an incredible line for use up to 100-115 yards and will assist you in getting the perfect bait presentation during your next session.

Available on 200m spools for all sizes.