Korda Kontainer System 17L

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The Kontainer System is a clever idea that gets around the problem of having to take multiple buckets fishing with you in order to keep your bait separate, with none of them actually being full.

The Kontainer System is 17 litres in size and comes complete with four separate Kontainers which can each be filled with something different and where you either don’t want to mix all your bait together, or only want to do so at the point where you want to actually introduce it to the lake.

This makes it suitable for situations where you might want to be catapulting out different sized baits and gives you easy access to all the bait in one bucket, but still enables you to get a tight spread – unlike if you mix them altogether. It is also great when using spod mixes that include particles and pellets, and where mixing it in advance can cause some particles such as hemp to dry out and float, or the pellets to break down more than you want them to before they are even in the water.

Each Kontainer is airtight and watertight, meaning that liquids can safely be stored in them without fear of spillages, and should you have baits such as particles leftover at the end of the session, you can simply pop the Kontainer in the freezer ready for use on your next session. On a longer session, you can get spare Kontainers of bait out of the freezer just before you go, ensuring that it stays fresher for longer.

They also feature side markers in 0.25 litre divisions so that you can see exactly how much you are using and allows you to make precise spod mixes, with the same proportions of each component every time.  

The Kontainers are stackable for easy storage, and spares are sold separately, so you can just grab whichever ones you require for your session, and leave the rest in the freezer or garage at home. Or even in your vehicle in the case of non-perishables such as different sizes of pellets, which is especially useful when on longer sessions and you only want to be carrying the bait that you need for that day, and then topping it up as and when required – there’s nothing worse than trying to barrow around, or boat across, a lake with loads of different buckets.