Gardner Hydro Sink Noir

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Breaking Strain/Length

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Hydro-Sink Noir is a fast sinking, hi-tech main line braid of non-fade Black Dyneema®️ and Fluorocarbon fibres.

During the testing and development of this product it outperformed all other braided main lines on the market and was used on venues such as Burghfield and Dinton Pastures to name just a few.

  • Hydro-Sink Noir’s unique colour offers amazing camouflage when settled over weed and a multitude of lake substrates.
  • Its weave and round profile provides unapparelled casting performance.
  • Fluorocarbon fibres ensure that this braid sinks faster and naturally settles flush to the bottom.
  • Dyneema®️ fibres provide the best possible linear/knot strength for the lowest possible diameter.
  • Dyneema®️ and Fluorocarbon fibres are UV resistant, and will not degrade after exposure to sunlight.
  • Hydro-Sink Noir’s breaking strain is rated at ‘knot strength’.