Guru Speed Net 400

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To go with their range of keepnets, the Guru team have designed four different landing net heads to cover any fishing situation that you're likely to find yourself in, either on a commercial or when fishing matches on rivers and canals.

The Speed 400, Speed 500, Competition 500 and Dual 550 models will handle everything from netting silver fish on light tackle through to bundling big carp, and there is an appropriate size and type of mesh for pretty much anything. The Competition 500 has the finest mesh, at 2mm, and is perfect for hair-rigged baits as they can't get caught in the mesh, which often ends up destroying your rig in the process! The two Speed nets have a 6mm mesh, making them incredibly manoeuvrable in the water. The Dual 550 offers the best of both, with a 6mm mesh body for ease of netting, but with a 2mm mesh base for practicality and fish comfort. This is the largest model, and suitable for specimen angling and larger carp. The alloy frames are incredibly strong, with a durable moulded spreader block and good quality screw thread, complete with rubber washer, so there is no twist when they're attached to a net handle.

Guru brand manager Adam Rooney explained: "Not only will these landing net heads make it easier to fish when youre using them, but they are also as fish-friendly as possible. We've put a lot of thought into these nets to try and solve any problems that we ourselves have experienced in the past, and we're confident match and pleasure anglers are going to love them."