Guru QM1 Speed Stop Rig 15"

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These ready rigs feature the renowned Guru QM1 hook and feature Speed Stops tied to the hair for easy hooking of baits.
The QM1 hook has a unique shape which makes it very difficult for the fish to eject the bait without becoming hooked.
These rigs are tied to Guru N-Gauge mono which has proved to be one of the best commercial lines available.

  • Improved line diameter options
  • Perfect for hair rigging softer hookbaits
  • Optimum hair length
  • Comes with a Speed Stop on the end to trap hookbait
  • Micro silicone on the shank of the hook
  • Ultimate commercial hooklength option
  • Great all-rounder
  • Quick and easy to change bait
  • Features PTFE coated QM1 hook
  • Available in 4” and 15” lengths
  • Tied on tried and tested N-Gauge line
  •  Supplied in packs of 8.