Guru Pole Pot Sprinkle Lids

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If you don’t want to introduce all your free bait at once, or you’re layering free bait to provide an attractive, engaging feeding experience for your match quarry, these Guru Sprinkle Lids, designed for Pole Cups, and available in sizes Medium or Large, are the ideal way to achieve a light, measured feed, or to layer the bed of your swim with a range of tasty tidbits that should keep the fish you want in the area your hookbait will be landing.

In match fishing, pole cups are an easy way to take free bait out to the area you intend to place your hookbait, spreading the free bait around to offer the perfect feeding space for the species you’re after.

A sprinkle lid can help with appropriate placement of free bait for smaller species, such as dace and silver fish, giving them the opportunity to feed without getting crowded out by the larger bream and carp.

Guru have built their brand around the idea that knowledge is power, and have invested a lot of energy into gathering the knowledge of what anglers need and want, what materials perform best, and which styles and designs offer optimum functionality, so that they can create powerful products to suit every angling style and discipline, and all budgets, without compromising on quality, ensuring that whether you’re spend a couple of pounds or a couple of grand, your tackle will handle any bank conditions flawlessly, look good in the swim, and give you an unrivalled feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

In match fishing being able to quickly and easily get everything, from your bait placement to your pole set up, just right, and maintaining your ideal level of comfort and ease of action throughout the session can make the difference between coming close, and missing out. Guru knows this, and designs match angling products that enable you to fish your best in any conditions