Guru Pellet Pliers

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Preparing bait and rigs isn’t often considered the most enjoyable part of fishing and, although it is great when you make a breakthrough with a bait mix or presentation method. The Guru Pellet Pliers helps to make the process quicker.

Before the Pellet Pliers banding hard pellets or boilies was a fiddly task at the best of times, let alone when your fingers were cold and wet from a morning spent on the bank.

Guru’s Pellet Pliers are one such bait making accessory that can revolutionise your time on the bank as unlike conventional pliers, where you squeeze the handles to close the teeth, the Pellet Pliers operate so the teeth open on the handle squeeze. This means that when you place a pellet band around the pliers, positioning it in the specially designed ‘nose groove’, it is stretched when you squeeze on the handle of the pliers. 

The spring-loaded design of the pliers ensures that it is easy to open and close their jaws with one hand. With your free hand, you can then perfectly position your pellet, in your chosen size, within the band, before releasing the handles and removing the pellet from the jaws of the pliers is also exceptionally easy, thanks to their tapered design.