Guru Gripper Feeder

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  • Anti-roll design means the feeder stays the right way up
  • Use in very fast flowing waters
  • Ensuring perfect presentation
  • It will grip extra well to the lake or river bed
  • Supplied with two rigid stems
  • One allows them to be used as an inline system
  • The other allows it to be used as a conventional swivel-type feeder
  • Either running, or semi-fixed on a lead clip
  • Robust plastic frame is over moulded onto the lead
  • Which makes it much more hardwearing than conventional feeders
  • The frame itself is tinted with a subtle camo colour
  • Which blends perfectly with a whole host of lakebed conditions
  • Available in two sizes, large and medium
  • In weights 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz