Gardner Tiger Line

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Breaking Strain/Length

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The Legend that is Tiger Line, developed by Big Carp/John Llewellyn, a true 100% fluorocarbon line that is virtually invisible in water, is now available from Gardner.

It is a ‘multi-directional polymer’ providing exceptional abrasion resistance and knot strength. Tiger Line resists deterioration in sunlight, making it hard wearing, long lasting and amazing value for money.

  • Easier and smoother to cast.
  • Low stretch – greater sensitivity with more control and ‘feel’.
  • Sinks quickly and completely – improving bait presentation.
  • Excellent knot strength with a wide variety of knot options.
  • Available in 16lb and 20lb on 200m and 600m spools.
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
16lb 0.33mm 200m