Gardner Target Fluorocarbon

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Fluorocarbon has a much higher specific gravity than normal monofilament which means it is exceptionally fast sinking. This high molecular density also means it has a high degree of abrasion resistance, an important attribute especially if you’re fishing for hard battling tench in weedy waters or tackling big barbel amongst beds of tough ranunculus.

Fluorocarbon is naturally a little stiffer than traditional copolymer monofilaments, but this can be beneficial as a hook link as it tends to kick light hook baits out away form the lead or feeder and avoid tangles.

Target Fluorocarbon offers excellent knot strength which is an issue with lower grade PVDF materials.

Breaking strains are rated at regular knot strength. As it is a pure Fluorocarbon it does not suffer any loss of strength when wet as it does not absorb water. This way of rating the hooklink means that you can fish with confidence that the hooklink will not degrade after prolonged submersion.

Target Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water, as it is a clear line and virtually has the same refractive index as water. Unlike traditional lines it doesn’t degrade with exposure to sunlight (UV) either.

Target Specialist Fluorocarbon is supplied to you on 25m spools and offers exceptional value for money.