Gardner Pro Main Line Dark Blend

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Breaking Strain

Gardner Tackle has drawn on years of experience; manufacturing and distributing the very best carp and specialist coarse fishing lines, in the development of ‘Pro Light Blend’ and Pro Dark Blend. These premium grade copolymer main lines have been engineered to give anglers uncompromising performance – yet they are sold at a very competitive price! These are outstanding fishing lines that simply outperform most lines that are sold for more than twice their price!


  • Pro copolymer blend offers both extremely high abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength.
  • Excellent sinking properties ensure that the line can be fished slack and will settle unobtrusively across the lake bed.
  • A vital aspect of any decent carp line is the way it stretches and its ability to give you the feedback to feel the lead down (vital to feeling the type of lake bed the lead has landed on) and all the lines in the Pro range offer this feedback crisply, even at range.
  • Uniform diameters ensure an extremely high consistency in their linear strength.
  • Smooth finish and supple feel gives excellent casting performance.
  • Available in breaking strains from 10lb to XM (0.40mm) which breaks well in excess of 20lb!
  • The ‘Dark Blend’ is a great all rounder, blending in with weed and dark silty & ‘choddy’ lake beds.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
10lb (4.5kg) 0.28mm 1470m
12lb (5.4kg) 0.30mm 1320m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.35mm 920m