Gardner Flexible Rubber Head

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Designed primarily as a rear head, but with a small line groove to enable it to be used as a the front rest as well.

  • Silicone rubber mix ensures that these heads are practically unbreakable in normal use.
  • Solid brass stud allows the head to be twisted to align with buzzer bars. The stud is also removable enabling use with posh-on or screw-in buzzer bars.

Top Tip – Try immersing a Flexible Rubber Head in a cup of boiling water for a minute or two – Be careful! It is easier to leave it attached to the Rod Rest. When hot, the Head can be moulded to the exact width of your rod butt (or an alternative shape). To set the new shape, hold the Head under cold running water for 10 seconds or until the temperature has cooled down to normal.