Gardner Covert XT Flexi-Ring Kwik Lok Swivels

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 XT Flexi-Ring Kwik Lok Swivels have been adjusted and strengthened, so they are now the perfect quick change component on Ronnie Rigs or other rigs that require the swivel to be fixed to the hook through the eye.

The wire gauge used in manufacture of the crook and eyes has been stepped up for extra strength, and both the inner diameter and gape of the crook have been tweaked to make them much easier to use so mounting them on and taking them off of the hook eye is a doddle!

These adaptation means that they are now fully reusable, as you no longer need to distort the crook to close them up once they have been fitted onto the hook. These XT Flexi-Ring Kwik Lok swivels are also perfect for use with quick change Helicopter rigs.

  • Anti-Glare black finish reduces visibility under water
  • Extra strong, smooth spinning and completely reliable
  • Flexi-Ring design allows free rotation and movement of hooks
  • Reduces tangles with hooklinks
  • Quick change crook allows looped hooks and hooklinks to be attached easily and securely
  • 10 XT swivels per packet