Fox Naturals Leader Bead

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Fox Edges Naturals Leader Beads, designed to sit directly on your Submerge Lead Free and leadcore leaders. Giving you a direct and easy way to create safe and secure 360° helicaopter rigs. With two ribs on the sleeve that can be used to adjust the tightness of the grip. Finished in the Fox Naturals colouration which is dark green and unobtrusive, perfect for dark lakebeds and weedy venues.


  • Designed to create safe and secure Helicopter rigs on leaders
  • Works on Submerge Lead Free and leadcore leaders
  • Comprises of a sleeve and bead
  • Sleeve features two ribs which determine how tightly the bead is gripped
  • For strong grip and casting large hookbaits and PVA bags place the bead behind the larger rib
  • For medium grip place the bead between the two ribs
  • For light grip place the bead in front of the small rib
  • Attach using Easy Splice needle
  • Benefits from “Naturals” colouration which is dark green and unobtrusive
  • Translucent finish allows light through, improving its blending in properties
  • Perfect for dark lakebeds and weedy venues
  • Supplied in recyclable cardboard wallets