Fox EOS 10000 FD Reel

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A responsive front drag and 5:5:1 gear ratio puts the Fox EOS  10000 FD Reel ahead of the competition when it comes to affordable angling that achieves reliable, impressive results across a range of venues.

Ideal for short to mid range fishing and light float work, the EOS 10000 boasts a large handle, which transmits impressive cranking power, allowing you to make this instant retrieves quickly, cleanly, and effortlessly, as well as a line friendly line clip that allows you to plot accurate casts, and ensure your bait lands just where you want it.

Giving you accurate casting and enhanced line lay, the 10000 FD weighs just 540g, and has the option of purchasing a spare spool separately.

If you're looking for a versatile reel that will make a dynamic impression without breaking the bank, then cast your eyes over the Fox EOS 10000 FD, and achieve angling success on a range of venues, and against any species.  

Responsive casting power, and happy hauling – you really couldn't ask for more from a reel at this price point.

  • New addition to the Eos reel family
  • Responsive front drag system
  • Perfect for short to medium range fishing
  • Also doubles up as a handy reel for floater fishing
  • 5 Stainless Ball Bearings
  • Great line lay aids casting
  • Gear ratio 5.5:1
  • Rotor balance profile
  • Line friendly line clip
  • Large handle for cranking power
  • Weight 540g