Fox Edges Link Fluorocarbon

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Edges Link hooklengths have been designed to work specifically with Edges Crimps to create perfect, neat and tidy crimped rigs. Ideal for creating stiff links on rigs such as The Hinge Rig, Ronnie/Spinner Rig and various Combi Rigs. The two different diameters/breaking strains are sized to compliment the corresponding size Edges Crimps i.e 25lb Link fits the small crimps and 35lb Link fits the medium. This creates the strongest possible fixing, eliminates inconsistent knots and ensures exact length rigs are easily achievable.

  • Flurocarbon hooklink material
  • Clear Illusion fluorocarbon
  • Link Mono is Trans Khaki colours
  • Designed to work with Edges Crimps
  • Create perfect boom sections
  • Ideal for Hinge, Ronnie/Spinner and Combi Rigs
  • Available in 0.53mm/25lb and 0.64mm/35lb versions
  • Comes on 20m spools