Fox Camotex Flat Pear Leads Inline

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These leads are ideal for in-line semi-fixed rigs or are perfect for in-line drop off setups.

These leads excel for inline drop off setups and are great for fishing in solid PVA bags. A leader with a tail rubber and fox size 7 swivel will allow you to fish this set up effectively.

The flat pear design provides the perfect anchor point to your rig. These flat pear leads are ideal for fishing features such as drop-offs as the flat-surfaced design minimises the chance of the lead rolling down an underwater feature which will inevitably disrupt your rigs overall presentation.

Push the swivel into the end of the plastic liner then lay the leader over the outside of the lead in the purposely designed groove, then simply push the tail rubber over the other end of the plastic liner, this allows the lead to drop off once a fish takes but you are still able to retrieve your rig without the lead coming off when you haven't had a take. The groove gives a very neat, streamlined finish with this setup.

When fished with the line or leader running straight through the lead a size 7 swivel will fit snuggly into the plastic insert staying in place until modest pressure is placed on it. This creates the perfect bolt rig set up, the weight of the lead pulls the hook home into the fishes mouth but slides away after the initial take meaning the fish can’t use the weight of the lead to throw the hook. This also provides a safe set up if your line was to unfortunately break.

The lead is coated with fox’s Camotex coating. This gives it a matte, anti-glare finish to avoid spooking wary fish. The coating is a dull brown/green colour with flecks through it to help the lead effortlessly disappear over almost all bottom types.
The weight of each lead is printed on the side to help you easily select your chosen lead from your tackle box.

The Fox Camotex Swivel Flat Pear Leads are available in the following weights:
2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz

These lead weights are sold individually.

Groove on outside for use with inline drop off rigs
Low profile
Solid plastic insert
Camouflage, anti-glare finish